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Welcome to the Velodrome

Today’s trip was to take me to the Penrose Park Velodrome. If you are not familiar with this place it is pretty special. It is an outdoor velodrome – one of 27 velodromes in the United States. It’s just off Kingshighway near I-70 on the city’s north side. Anyone can ride on it – open […]


New Direction

Previous posts have all revolved around observational drawings I had been doing of various buildings on the north side of St. Louis. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing these drawings so therefore no blog posts have been posted in a long time. Over the past year I’ve been biking all over the city of St. Louis […]

Monroe Tree House

Monroe Treehouse

Some places have surprises or they just are not what they seem. From the front, it’s another boarded up house and looks to be in fairly decent shape. Then you walk around to the back and your perception changes. It is another boarded up house and it’s another house that has a giant chunk taken […]

Blair Shack

Blair Shack

The little one is pretty underwhelming when compared to all the old Victorian era brick houses that are all around Old North St. Louis. This one is a little wood frame one story shotgun style of house. Right next to it is a tall 2 bay wide, brick 3-story mansard roof fronted house that was […]

Corner Invasion

St Louis Place Corner

I find it really hard to blog and keeping up with what I am doing. Essentially I have a stack of drawings that I haven’t even documented formally and it has become overwhelming. So I have to start somewhere. This is a building on N Market in the St. Louis Place neighborhood. With this one […]

Howard Street Three

The Howard Street Three

These three are just to the east of the other house I drew that is on Howard street. This is close to the corner of Howard and North 22nd St in the St Louis Place neighborhood. This one is a little bit closer to the old Columbia/Falstaff Brewery. To the east of 22nd, the area […]

Howard Crumbles

Lone One On Howard St.

This particular building is in one of the most devastated parts of St Louis city. It is in the St Louis Place neighborhood just north of the infamous, former location of the Pruitt-Igoe public housing complex. This once dense neighborhood has some life in some areas but in the blocks just north of Cass, it […]

Engine Co 26

Engine Co. 26

This was a very early drawing. It was done on a Sunday evening in mid/late June of 2014. The structure is located on the corner of N. 2nd St and Madison St in the Near North Riverfront industrial/warehouse district. Most of the buildings around this are taller warehouses built between 1896 and 1919. When this […]

Warren's Burnt Shell

913 Warren St

This home grabbed my attention right away. The first pictures I took of this home was on May 3, 2014. First of of all there are not too many homes in Near North Riverfront and the wall on the east side is nearly gone. It looks almost looks like a Gordon Matta-Clark work. Anyway, it’s […]

Under the Elevated

2307 North 9th Street – Modern Screw Products

This graphite drawing was done on June 28th, 2014. I specifically remember it is in the evening and it was quite sunny and hot – like a typical St. Louis summer day. The area was pretty quiet and the only people I saw were a couple cyclists that were probably doing the Riverfront Trail. Also […]

Before The Collapse

1112 Montgomery Street

This is a home I drew on July 19th of 2014. On the east side of the home is a vacant lot with a few trees scattered about. Behind this house is Warren Street. Warren Street is a curved street that is part of three circular lots that are unique to the neighborhood. These were […]