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From The Bike Blog


The Place I Forget

It’s been nearly two weeks since I hopped on to my bike and went for a ride. That’s what happens when you get a nasty cold and spend most of your time hacking up an endless supply of lungs. Then there comes a point where you just have to get out and go and risk […]


North Broadway Love Song Revisited

On Saturday, Ben and I went to a book sale over at West County Mall. I have enough books for a small library and I haven’t read many of them. I wanted to just look and if an art, design or architecture book stands out, I may get it. I did buy a field guild […]


Broadway to the Greenway

For the past few weeks I have taken a break from biking around St. Louis city and have instead biked around Belleville, Edwardsville, and St. Charles. Plus I did a few rounds on the trails in Madison Country a couple times for a combined total of 37-ish miles. Also within this time period I have […]


Pedaling the Overlook

I really hope I can remember something meaningful of my bike ride in St. Charles. It’s been nearly two weeks since I biked here. I haven’t driven this far to go bike riding in awhile. I remember Ben and I biked on the Katy Trail on a 100 degree day years ago. We went way […]


Leclaire: A Village of Progress

I have been exploring areas east of St. Louis lately. On Tuesday’s I have been going up to the SIU campus in Edwardsville to draw many of the Louis Sullivan ornament that is displayed in the Lovejoy Library. I then decided I was going to bike around a small part of Edwardsville called Leclaire for […]


Street House Spin

A couple Saturday’s ago I went to my dad and stepmother’s wedding anniversary over at a brewery on West Main in Belleville. When my stepsister called to invite me, I didn’t take notes on where this brewery was and since it was on Main Street, I assumed it was downtown. So I drive to Belleville […]

stork inn

Dutchtown Wanderings

Sunday’s ride was way less of a struggle. Something happened on Saturday night that got me excited and I hope it’s something that comes to fruition. I don’t want to really say much about it yet though. So I was actually excited about going bike riding. I just had to get some sleep first and […]


The Uphill Struggle

I had a really hard time getting myself on my bike this time. Just the putting the bike in my car and getting ready to go seemed to be extremely burdensome. I did it anyway even though I really didn’t want to bother. I had been feeling down and a bit depressed for the past […]

Monks Mound

Chasing Clouds Through Parks

I bike to find the extraordinary that is all around us. The world may seem mundane as we speed past everything in our automobiles. Biking for me is about the act of exploring seemingly normal surroundings and find something about the that is surprising, beautiful, educational and sometimes emotionally moving. I haven’t biked at all […]


Hills to Clear The Mind

Today my ride was more about clearing my head than seeing anything. I did hit a couple new neighborhoods and biked more through Forest Park. The morning was cool but it was damp, cloudy and dark. Not ideal but it could be worse. There was some rain that was actually more of a mist than […]


Downtown to Downtown

The plan was to ride a little around downtown East St. Louis and then over the Eads Bridge into downtown St. Louis. That happened but not everything went as planned and overall it was sort of a terrible ride. First of all I am getting over a bad cold and on top of it I […]


Campsite Conversation

Most rides are typical in the fact that I ride around and find things I want to see, take photographs, think and enjoy myself. Today, I thought that would be the case. In fact, I was planning on today’s ride to be short. I had a couple things on my mental itinerary: to check out […]