It’s Been Awhile

There has been a serious lack of posts lately. I do apologize for that. First I haven’t been on my bike in months. I don’t know if it’s the weather or feeling a lack of inspiration or aka boredom. I think what threw me off was I got sick in early December or late November. Then there was the holidays, shorter days with more darkness and most of my free time has been at night. I don’t like biking at night. I’ve also been busy with other things which are a little more personal.

One thing I’ve been playing around with are making videos. In the past few weeks I have added some videos to my YouTube Channel as a challenge. Video is something I know nothing about. I find it very intimidating. I don’t like how I look or how I sound. I think this is a common occurrence. Hearing the sound of your voice can be sort of strange. However, I’m doing it anyway. Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe. I don’t have a name for the channel yet. I’ve been greatly influence by channels such as The Daily Woo and The Carpetbagger. They are much better at it than I and travel all over.

I’ve also been working on getting some of my photos on a site where I can sell some. In addition, I’ve been working on some silly illustrations for fun and decided to put them on a site where I can put them on t-shirts and sell them. So check out my store on RedBubble.

Other than that, I am starting to get the itch for riding the bike and when I do I’ll be sure to post something.

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